SMIX - The Moe Show (Season 2)
The Moe Show (Season 2)
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Rated PG
THE MOE SHOW follows Moe’s adventures as he tries to make sense of the world around him. Each episode finds Moe in his treehouse, dealing with a new problem. Moe activates his letter machine, which provides him with a letter of the alphabet - his first clue to help him find the solution to his problem. Moe takes his letter clue out into the real world, and soon it leads him to a new experience. Moe interacts with New Zealanders, young and old, and finds the answer to his problem. With his newfound knowledge, Moe returns home and brings balance back to his life. THE MOE SHOW combines puppetry, animation and live action footage shot in the real world, to bring a relatable yet magical world to preschoolers and their parents.