SMIX - Sahara - Mali Blues: Timbuktu
Sahara - Mali Blues: Timbuktu
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50 mins | Rated PG13
Timbuktu was a dream destination for any traveler brave enough to cross the Sahara. Centuries ago, mythical stories were said that the streets are paved in gold. We meet the owner of the only bar in Timbuktu, the son of a mixed marriage between a Malian mother and a French soldier. It was this ancestry that saved his life on the day that the Jihadists took over the city. The local journalist who had to run propaganda for the occupiers to stay alive. The young women who were abused by the Jihadists, but then came back to celebrate and dance to a song that praises the ideals of their abusers. Everyone in Timbuktu has two identities. Timbuktu seems to remain a dangerous city in the grips of an identity crisis. PG13: Theme on violence (such as amputation and shooting), however no visual depiction.
Bram Vermeulen