SMIX - Sahara - Niger Stuck in the Middle
Sahara - Niger Stuck in the Middle
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50 mins | Rated PG13
For centuries, the frontier desert-city of Agadez was the starting point for travelers crossing the Sahara. But the European migration panic has gripped on Agadez. The government of Niger adopted a law prohibiting the transport of migrants. This has leftover 6000 smugglers hit-hard with harsh treatment and most of the migrants in Agadez have been sent back to neighboring countries of Algeria and Libya. The EU had promised alternative employment, but only 200 jobs materialized. Today, Agadez is an angry city. Meanwhile, no country in the world has a higher birth rate than Niger: an average of more than seven per woman. Demographers predict a catastrophe if the explosive growth in population is not curbed. Why do attempts from aid organizations to convince parents to practice birth control fails? A growing youth population won't be silenced. The rule of law and democracy they learned from school have propelled them to practice their demonstrations against the government. The government has created its own opposition. PG13: Theme on violence and politics (however no visual depiction).
Bram Vermeulen