SMIX - Call Me Dad
Call Me Dad
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81 mins | Rated NC16
Follow the journey of a group of men with abusive tendencies as they come together in therapy, and commit to transforming themselves and their family relationships. "Call Me Dad" is an award-winning docu-movie which explores the psyche, motivations and struggles of these men as they learn to maintain relationships without resorting to abuse. Can they overcome in the end? Watch to find out. " many people as possible should watch 'Call Me Dad'. It is highly educational and provides insights into the complexities of family violence. ...prepare tissues because you will be moved to tears!" -Jason Wong Founder of 'Yellow Ribbon Project' / 'Dads for Life' / 'Elijah7000' movement, Singapore Board Chairman of 'Focus on the Family Singapore' NC 16: Some coarse language & mature topic. Subtitles: English/Mandarin