SMIX - Pure Entertainment | FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
1. SMIX - Pure Entertainment+
  1. SMIX is a streaming service providing value-based viewers with high quality entertainment choices that support universal life-affirming values of love, faith, hope and inspiration. You can expect pure entertainment with SMIX.
  2. Choose from our selection of blockbusters, independent films, TV shows, documentaries and children's programmes curated for their artful storytelling, high quality production, and life-affirming values.
  3. Access our selection of titles on or on the SMIX App* anytime, anywhere. Or simply download titles and watch offline at your convenience.
  4. You may also purchase titles and send them to someone as gifts.
  5. You can access SMIX on up to three devices simultaneously with one account.
  6. Pay for only what you want to watch. No hidden charges or additional fees.
2. How do I sign up?+
  1. Go to
  2. Go to "Sign Up" to complete the account details and credit / debit card information to facilitate payment.
3. How do I access SMIX?+

After signing up, you can:

  1. Access SMIX on your web browser at; or
  2. Install the SMIX App* to access SMIX on your iPhone / Android devices.
4. What do I pay?+

You only pay for the titles of your choice (all prices in Singapore Dollars)

  1. Feature film: $1.99 / $3.99 / $5.99 per title (price determined by date of release)
  2. Short film: $0.99 per title
  3. Series with episodes: $5.99 / $9.99 per season (price based on episodes per season)
5. How long do I have access to each paid title before it expires?+
  1. Paid titles are valid from the date of purchase for the following periods:
    • Feature / Short films: 5 consecutive days
    • Series with episodes: 30 consecutive days
  2. You can play the title as often as you wish within the validity period.
  3. When the validity expires, the title can no longer be viewed or downloaded.
  4. Gifted titles have a 90-day redemption period from the date of notification. Once redeemed, a title is valid for the same period as stated above.
6. How do I choose what to watch?+
  1. a. Categories or Genre classification
    • Choose from our "Movies" or "Series"categories; or from Genres such as "Drama","Thriller", "Biography", "Kids","New Releases", etc.
  2. b. Reviews, Trailers and Ratings
    • Use title reviews, trailers and title ratings to help you decide what to watch.
  3. c. Parental Controls
    • To control what can be viewed, go to "Account" "Parental Controls" to set the ratings parameter.
7. Are subtitles available on SMIX?+

Subtitles are available on selected titles. Look out for subtitle options under title info.

8. How do I download titles onto my device?+
  1. You can only download titles via the SMIX App*.
  2. You can download any title marked with the "Download" icon
  3. Access your downloaded titles from "My Library" "Downloads".
  4. Your device must be connected to the internet, installed with the latest version of SMIX App*, and running on iOS 9.0 / Android 4.4.2 or later.
  5. Downloaded titles will take up storage space on your device. You may delete expired downloaded titles.
9. If I purchase a title, can I share it with my family members using another device?+

Yes you can share your purchased titles. Titles can be played on other devices, however there can only be one login to your account at any one time.

10. What happens if I terminate my SMIX account?+

Once you terminate your SMIX account, all downloaded titles will no longer be available to you.

11. Billings & Payments+
  1. a. Payment by credit or debit card only
    • We accept international Visa, MasterCard and American Express Cards. Cards must be enabled for e-commerce transactions.
  2. b. How do I update my billing details?
    • Go to "Account" to update your billing details.
  3. c. How can I review my billing?
    • An invoice will be sent to your email address with each transaction.

Note: If you suspect that your payment information is being used for unauthorised transactions, please write to us immediately at

12. What should I do if SMIX is not working as expected?+
  1. Check if there is internet connectivity, close unused tabs that may be slowing your device down.
  2. Check that you have the latest version of the SMIX App*.
  3. Check if your paid titles have expired.
  4. For iPhone and iPad users, please use the Safari web browser to view, as Google Chrome is not supported on those devices yet.

For further assistance or enquiries, write to us at

*Our SMIX App will be available soon.