A Duty to Lead: Lt-Gen (Ret) Winston Choo

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Lt-General (retired) Winston Choo is Singapore’s longest serving Chief of Defence Force, and former envoy to Australia, Fiji, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and Israel. In this short film, he shares with us about the values he lived by as a leader throughout his military career, as well as some personal stories.


About Reel Lumina: We are an independent, privately owned organisation and initiative committed to sharing the timeless values of life-giving leadership. Through the power of stories, we inspire leaders and students of leadership to embrace life-giving values that will empower them to positively transform their families, industry and society.


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Starring: Winston Choo, Katherine Choo



1. A Duty to Lead: Lt-Gen (Ret) Winston Choo

2. Bonus Story: Duty First

3. Bonus Story: The Essence of Command

4. Bonus Story: The Fun Side

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